Memories of My Son

On October 21, 2012 at 8:38PM, I lost my son, Prince Rams. I wonder how other parents who have lost a child cope with the loss, because I am not coping very well at all. People tell me that I should remember the “special times” that we had together and hang on to that. Platitudes like that are well-intentioned, but in reality are very hollow.

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Unwarranted Destruction of an Innocent Man

I am very devastated at not only the loss of my son, Prince, but also by the way I am being characterized as a demon, psychopath, or murderer by the media and in the myriad of blogs who have done nothing but speculate, without knowing any of the facts. Up to this point, I have been counseled by my attorney not to comment to the media concerning this tragic death of my son who I fought for months in court just to see. I have honored his wishes.

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  • Father’s Day Letter

Cappuccino Queen’s Father’s Day Letter to her “Psychopath”

Since I have been slammed by Munch as Lucifer, Killer, and Psychopath everywhere, I thought it would be fitting to show you a Father’s Day card she gave me about TWO WEEKS before our son Prince was born. She’s singing a little different tune in the card. Hardly seems like the same person, does it? Like FOXNEWS…. I report, you decide.

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